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Update blew it up

Was fine, then update made it non functional. Crashes. Controls dont work. And it is now UGLY. Why did you do this? It was fine before!

Are the skulls necesaary?

My 5 year old loves this game but i think the skull after the crash is going to upset him. Could they be turned off in settings?

Super train

Worst app I ever bought. Crashes or displays a blank screen. Nothing like the free version.

Bug at level 2

Level 2 (!!!!!) impossible to gain! One of the railroad switches has fake positions, train crashes everytime cross that point you cannot move it ( the green-yellow one under the old bridge)

Many problems

My son loves trains so I bought this app for him. The developer needs to fix some major bugs. The junctions switches are the most problematic of the bugs. They constantly shake back and forth when you are trying to switch track direction. This is bad in later levels as trains are heading towards you on your tracks and you have to quickly switch to move out of the way. Since it takes anywhere from 8 to 12 touches just to switch the tracks properly, you can NEVER complete these levels. Too bad apples quality control on their apps store is getting to be non existent. This app never should have made it through. We want our money back.


So I just bought your app only to not have it work. Cmon guys....either refund me or get the update out stat! Kinda pissed!!!!

Needs help!

Needs an update. Trains keep splitting up. At times you have an inch between cars. Junction switch shakes. Nice game otherwise.Update needs updating.

Crash by itself

Nice graphics, intuitive controls, but it accelerates by itself sudenly, jeep the free, you Williams enjoy the

Great fun!

By far the best train driving app so far. Very realistic, nice controls, change the view. Sound sample increases or decreases with speed. Some minor bugs, but if you go slow & steady, & are aware of how a real train actually behaves, you can get through the levels. (Slow down at curves, dont stop suddenly.) Or you can just thrill ride by highballing, choosing forward view, & letting the train crash & fly off. Only complaint is that if you go back to a lower level, all the levels you had previously unlocked are locked up again, & you have to complete each level to get them back. It would be much better if they remained open, so you could start from wherever you wanted. Also, track switch needs improvement. Otherwise, great game. The hype is correct, its a simple game with simple controls, but its a challenge to master. If you are a train freak, youll spend hours on it!

"Impossible" is right!

Paid $3 for this son could enjoy 8 levels of trains, but weve spent hours crawling around level 2 and we simply cannot get through it without the train going off the rails at junctions that are CLEARLY switched correctly. And many times the train takes the WRONG DIRECTION at switches. The only thing I can conclude is that these switches are not displaying correctly. $3 is a lot to pay for 1 working level. I want a refund or a revision. I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Needs work! Dont buy yet!

My son loves trains, so I thought this game would be the perfect fit. You get to ride along rails, with bridges and switches, but the physics of this game are horrible. Barely made it though level 2, had to avoid part of the track because one of the switches doesnt move when you switch it, so you have no idea which way it is facing. Level three is impossible. Part of the track cannot be passed over no matter how slow you go because the train will bounce and shoot off the track. All of a sudden on a curve it will just go straight. Train cars start coming off randomly and drive around on the rack by themselves. Even if you just pick a small part of the track to stay on hoping to get past this nightmare, the train will crash no matter what at some point, its almost like there are no more levels and its a trap you cant get past. EVERY day he asks if I can unlock more levels and I try and try. Its extremely disappointing for a paid app to function like this. I have tried this game on an iPad, iPad 2 and an iPad 3. Doesnt make a difference. Please fix!!!!


Way better than steam trains but still no point

rip off

after playing the first four levels, the next 12 levels WILL NOT open. this is a rip off of ones money. do not buy

Last 4 levels

Level 12 has been completely revamped but fixed. Level 13 missing at least 1 switch. Random game crashes knock you out when nothing has happened. You seem to be developing this game on the fly. Fix it then sell it. Get it together!

Level 9

Whats up with level 9? We cannot make the tracks switch in the bottom levels which is where the train starts. I cannot get off the first level.


Cant access the levels after paying for them.Should get our money back. DONT BUY!!!! Unless you want a crying kid.


Pay 3 dollars for this app and it doesnt hard is it to make an app with these kind of graphics work?! Bad deal:)


Do not buy it the levels dont work!!! Unless you want a crying kid it dosent work!!!!!!!

Complete BS!!!!!

I made the mistake and didnt read a review before buying this for my son....WHAT A JOKE! You get the 12 new levels but none of them open... Give me my $3 back

This is coolllll hiiiiiii

You should try this game

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